Here's what these Queens, Pearls and Princesses had to say about LadyLike Legacies... 

Wynnette Oliver

Central Carolina Community College, Program Advisor and Esthetics Instructor

"Minerva Dantzler was invited to share with my adult female students the importance of work place etiquette.  She did an exceptional job and left a lasting impression on the importance of being polite, polished, and professional.  She is truly gifted at reaching women of all ages and demographics."

Chasie Faison 


"Minerva has helped me open up my eyes and become a better person on the inside and on the outside. She has always given me the best advice and it has only made me become a better me. Minerva always has such a happy positive attitude no matter what she's going through and I wish I could be just like that. I would recommend her company because if it wasn't for her, I would not have anything together in my life nor any hope. I wish I had her spark and energy but she's the best at bringing it to the table."

Oveter mclean 

President of the naacp (high point branch)

"Ms. Dantzler came out and provided etiquette classes to our youth boys and girls during our week long Marcus Gilchrist Annual Football Camp. Ms. Dantzler was very articulate in demonstrating the importance of how you should present yourself as young women and gentlemen. We greatly appreciate her efforts in supporting our youth. We look forward to her coming back and collaborating with our youth in June 2017. Thank you again for your support." 

Quanita Byers 


Minerva is an awesome woman; she has been my mentor for about 1.5 years now. During this time she has helped me realize my full potential on both a personal and spiritual level. I have regained my self-confidence and am walking in my purpose! She has inspired me to dream again! I would recommend anyone to use her services because she is a woman who lives the life that she talks about. She is the epitome of being Polite, Polished, and Professional! Whatever your struggle may be she, is more than capable to assist you! Besides, as she often reminds me, "What have you got to lose? What's coming is greater than what's been!"