Meet Minerva A. Dantzler

LadyLike Legacies Founder & Consultant

Minerva A. Dantzler is the founder and creative force of LadyLike Legacies, LLC.

Born in Manhattan, New York and raised in High Point, North Carolina, Minerva has been known as a little lady from birth. She credits her mother and beloved grandmother Frankie for teaching her proper etiquette and mannerisms on how to be a lady. In her teenage and young adult years, she was a cheerleader, actress, model, and dancer/dance instructor. These roles helped her develop communication and people skills with a bubbly personality. 

As for education, Minerva earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from High Point University. She is also a graduate of Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks 2006 Speakers & Writers Conference and John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center. In addition, Minerva is a former Quality Assurance Telecommunications Manager, where she created talk off scripts for a call center company and monitored thousands of calls weekly to train specialists on how to be fair, fast, and friendly on the phones to increase customer satisfaction. Later, Minerva became a legal professional as a Certified Guardian Ad Litem and North Carolina Certified Paralegal. She gained over a decade of training, experience, and certifications in professional responsibility and code of ethics approved by the North Carolina State Bar. Not to mention, she has a strong compassion for assisting people.

More importantly, Minerva is a mother and mentor. Through her personal and professional growing pains, success, relationships, and leadership in women’s fellowships, she inspires and encourages females of all ages to discover their own brand of ladylikeness in tangible manners of: attitude, speech, appearance and softer skills of flexibility, negotiation and clear communication.

A gifted speaker, Minerva’s passionate heart conveys bold confidence and building themes that empower females of all ages to enjoy being LadyLike.