Ladylikeness is defined at LLL as the ultimate standard of a female demonstrating her inner qualities and code of character to society based on her personality, etiquette, and communication. 



In 2003, the CEO of LadyLegacies, Minerva A. Dantzler, became a certified Guardian Ad Litem volunteer advocating on behalf of neglected and abused children. It gave her joy to be a role model to the children and serve as a compass assisting them to a better home.

LadyLike Legacies came to mind during Dantzler's senior year in college. At the time, she was a full-time, single mother, a full-time administrator at an upscale furniture company, and a full-time adult student. Dantzler's senior project was to create her own company and present the business plan to the class. She chose to be a successful author who wrote books on proper etiquette and how to be a lady since that was her forte and practice thanks to her mother and grandmothers’ teachings. Dantzler observed many girls and women suffering from low self-esteem, lacked knowledge and training on how to be a lady. She knew she was gifted to enlighten them.

Being polite, polished, and professional are characteristics that not only enrich women’s lives but it also demonstrates excellent customer service, respect, and kindness. In addition, these three powers are needed to establish healthy relationships and self-image.

Every female will develop into a woman, but not every woman is a lady.
— Minerva A. Dantzler, LLL Founder & Consultant


LadyLike Legacies offers services that are structured for one-on-one mentoring sessions or a one-size-fits all corporate setting. When a woman discovers and feels comfortable being a poised and beautiful lady from the inside, she will sharpen others. This is a beautiful start of a legacy that never dies.