Be Classic, Not Common

Are you a class act or the common almond?  Do you even know what the two terms mean?

If you're the woman who owns every step that she takes from walking into the church, PTA, gym, or board meeting with your head up, your shoulders back, and your eyes and smile brightly greeting everyone in the place, you are a Classic! Without speaking one word, you have voiced, "I am here, I am ready, and let's do this together." Your demeanor states that you've studied your craft (who you are) or what you offer. Class acts are legendary! Even when they're no longer in your presence, one wishes they were near.


Common almonds are simply that, common. These women know where they are going and the tasks set before them. However, they show no or little interest in displaying their true personality. Therefore, they cannot receive or give upon their full potential. Because they lack knowing how their persona affects others, common almonds tend to follow normal routines to play it safe. These women serve a purpose but may even if they slipped out to use the restroom, they are not missed.


Remember that your confidence is a gift and is to shared with all. It sings to all around you as a superb soprano or a flat note. Today, decide to be the demonstrator. Be classic and not common!